New Report Says The Pentagon Must Face the Reality Of The Coming Budget ‘Modernization Crunch’

Defense News: Pentagon modernization in for ‘Terrible ‘20s,’ report warns
WASHINGTON — Years of kicking the can on modernization are finally coming due for the Pentagon at a time when the Biden administration faces major pressures to draw down the defense budget, creating a nasty situation across all branches of the military.
That’s the warning of a new report from Mackenzie Eaglen and Hallie Coyne of the American Enterprise Institute, who says the DoD had best prepare for the reality of the “Terrible ’20s” ahead.
Unlike many think-tank reports, the authors say up front that they will not offer a list of programs to cut.
Instead, the report goes deep on the history, current status and future plans for a myriad of Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force programs to provide an “unvarnished” view for the Biden administration about modernization challenges ahead, and how the military has ended up in its current predicament.
Update: Think Tank Urges Pentagon to Face ‘Unvarnished Reality’ of Coming Budget ‘Modernization Crunch’ (Sputnik)
WNU Editor: The report is here …. The 2020s Tri-Service Modernization Crunch (AEI).Original Article

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