Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Complains Of Torture In Russian Prison

France 24: Navalny complains of torture in Russian prison, lawyer says his health worsening
Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny on Thursday accused Russian authorities of torture by depriving him of sleep in prison as his lawyer said his health has worsened with back pains and leg problems.
Navalny, who is considered a flight risk by Russian authorities, said he is woken eight times per night by guards announcing to a recording camera that he is still in his cell. "Essentially I am being tortured through sleep deprivation," he said in a formal complaint released by his lawyers.
Navalny’s lawyer Olga Mikhailova said Navalny's condition has notably deteriorated in recent days.
Update #1: Navalny Confirms Ailments As Worries Grow Over His State Of Health (RFE) Update #2: Navalny's lawyers fear for his health, accuse Russian officials of blocking access (Axios)
WNU Editor: Russian prisons have a well deserved reputation of being hell-holes for those who find themselves serving time. I know only one person who served time in a Russian prison. A friend of my cousins who ended up serving 6 years for burglary.
His descriptions of what he had to go through makes me shudder every-time that I think about it.
Alexei Navalny's concerns on his life and well being are completely justified.Original Article

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