Egypt’s President Orders Preparations Be Made To Unload Ever Given’s Cargo If Refloating Efforts Continue To Fail

Business Insider: Egypt's president orders preparations be made to unload Ever Given's cargo if refloating fails, a high risk strategy adding days of delay
* Egypt's President has ordered preparations be made to unload the cargo of the Ever Given ship. * He outlined the plans to the Suez Canal Authority on Sunday morning, local media reported. * Unloading the cargo risks unbalancing and damaging the ship, an expert warned.
Egypt's president has ordered preparations be made to unload the cargo of the Ever Given ship if refloating fails, according to local media reports.
President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi outlined the plan to the Suez Canal Authority on Sunday morning, Daily News Egypt reported.
Efforts are currently underway to refloat the ship. The floatation efforts included towing and pushing the grounding vessel using 8 large tugboats, the Suez Canal Authority said.
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