U.S. Deploys Warships To The Black Sea To Support Ukraine

Daily Mail: US considers sending warships to the Black Sea to bolster Ukraine as tensions with Russia escalate and Moscow moves 10 of its own vessels and continues troop buildup

* Russia has more troops on Ukraine border than any time since 2014

* Moscow moving more than 10 naval vessels to the Black Sea * U.S. may move warships, and is continuing reconnaissance flights * Russia annexed Crimea, home to its Black Sea fleet, in 2014

* Chancellor Angela Merkel of NATO member Germany demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin pull his troops back to de-escalate

* Biden Administration has completed its security review of Russia

* U.S. could impose additional sanctions or expel intel officials

* The U.S. 'is increasingly concerned by recent escalating Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine, including Russian troop movements on Ukraine's border'

The U.S. is considering dispatching Navy warships to the Black Sea to show support for Ukraine amid a Russian buildup that the White House warned Thursday it was 'increasingly concerned' about, as U.S. potential new sanctions on Russia loom.

A Pentagon official told CNN about the potential move amid a buildup of Russian troops along its border with Ukraine.

The Navy is also flying reconnaissance planes in international airspace in the area to monitor the buildup and Russian naval moves.


WNU Editor: This US naval deployment is now being viewed by Ukraine hardliners that the U.S. will support Ukraine if they should launch a major offensive against the eats.

Update: The US is no longer considering sending warships into the Black Sea. They are doing it …. Turkey notifies Russia of US warships’ transit to Black Sea (TASS). More here …. 2 US warships to arrive in Black Sea amid Ukraine-Russia tensions (Daily Sabah), and here …. Turkey says US warships to deploy in Black Sea until May 4 (Kathimerini), and here …. Turkey Confirms 2 US Warships To Enter Black Sea As Ukraine Posturing Grows (Zero Hedge).

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Update #2: The deployment of ships is not the only thing that the U.S. is doing in this crisis …. US Delivers Military Cargo to Ukraine as it Hypes Russian Military Movements (Antiwar,com).

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