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Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov Decided To Wear A Profanity-Laden Face Mask During A Visit To China On Monday

Russia's Foreign Minister made a bold statement with a profanity-laden face mask during a visit to China on Monday Daily Mail: Bizarre moment Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov wears 'FCKNG QRNTN' face mask during China tour * Sergei Lavrov is on a two-day visit to China to meet with his …

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Russia, China Want A U.N. Security Council Summit. They Say The United States Is Acting In A Destructive Way

RFE: China, Russia In Show Of Unity Amid Western Criticism, Sanctions The foreign ministers of China and Russia have met in a display of unity and called for a summit of permanent members of the UN Security Council amid Western sanctions against them over human rights violations and repression of …

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Three Russian Nuclear Bomber Servicemen Are Killed When Their Ejector Seats Accidentally Go Off Before Take-Off

The Тu-22М3's crew members were killed when the emergency ejection system malfunctioned, state news agencies said.Marina Lystseva / TASS RT: 3 crew dead after catapults accidentally triggered during Tu-22M3 strategic bomber launch in Russia Three people have been killed after the ejection system of a Tu-22M3 bomber aircraft went off …

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