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Belgium 20 euro 2021 – 100th Birth Anniversary of Roger Raveel

New collectors' commemorative type:"100th Birth Anniversary of Roger Raveel"TECHNICAL DATAComposition: silver .925Diameter: 37.00 mmWeight: 22.85 gMint: Royal Dutch Mint (Utrecht, The Netherlands)Artist: Luc Luycx and Roger RaveelMintage: 2,500(images and data from Herdenkingsmunten BelgiëOriginal Article

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China 10 yuan 2021 – 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

New bimetallic commemorative to be issued in september:"100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party"TECHNICAL DATAExternal ring: brassCenter disc: copper-nickelDiameter: 27.00 mmWeight: 9.10 gThickness: 2.10 mm(image from Wenbo Dong)(news from Wenbo Dong and Jacek Stącel)Original Article

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Heatwaves and the danger of the Arctic Ocean heating up

Heatwaves and Jet Stream Changes Heatwaves are increasingly hitting higher latitudes, as illustrated by the forecasts below. The background behind this is that the temperature rise caused by people's emissions is also causing changes to the jet streams. [ click on images to enlarge ] These changes to the Jet …

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